Meet the Project Team


The Student Recruitment and Admissions Programme within Service Excellence commenced at the end of September 2016 and we aim to give you a light-hearted fortnightly update on what we are doing. In our first installment, we shall introduce you to the Project Team.

The team is made up of a mix of University and KPMG staff. The University staff have come from all four corners of the institution (one from each College and a few central service staff). Knowing the programme would be fast-paced and have a steep learning curve, it’s fair to say that we found it a little daunting. However, we’re embracing what’s coming and hope you all will too. We’re really hoping this will make a difference and your involvement will be key.

You may have already seen the formal blurb on our backgrounds (if not, you can have a look here: Service Excellence – SR&A Team) but here is a little more relaxed look at the project team:


benBen is from KPMG and is an Edinburgh alumnus. Ben is currently studying for his CIMA exams. Ben sometimes gets mistaken for Andy Murray but we’ll let you judge for yourselves.




Emma is university staff and is more usually found based out at Little France in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate Admissions Office. Emma is the author of this fortnight’s blog (although finds it a bit weird writing in the third person). Emma also writes a restaurant review blog in her spare time.



franckFranck is from the University and is currently spreading himself very thinly over both this programme and the Student Administration and Support programme but has been helping the team with lots of expertise and lessons learnt from the other strand.




Lee is from KPMG and helping us sail a steady course. His advice has already been invaluable. Lee’s introduction to the University has left him in slight puzzlement as he saw someone randomly dressed up in an animal costume, roaming around Old College quad – “Is this normal at the University of Edinburgh?”. Yes Lee, it is.




Lesley is from the University and would normally be found working in Communications and Marketing. Lesley is going to be starting a bee-keeping course in January, so we are hoping for lots of honey before the end of our secondments.




lornaLorna is also from the University and usually would be found at Kings Buildings in the College of Science and Engineering Recruitment and Admissions Office. Lorna has already been supplying the team with baked goods and is a whizz with a marker pen and flipchart.




Maggie has come to the programme from a school perspective, normally being based in Moray House at the University. Maggie is a fledgling aerialist, so watch out for her flying through the air at workshops!



rebeccaRebecca is also from the University and is currently part time leading the programme. For the other part of her job, she is usually found on Buccleuch Place in Student Recruitment and Admissions. Rebecca came up with the most unusual and extensive list of ‘fun facts’ when the team was asked. These included being able to wiggle her right ear whilst not moving the rest of her face and being able to name all the US States in alphabetical order. We obviously had to put her to the test and we can verify that she passed with flying colours. She also came 8th in the first World Boggle Championships.

If you are interested in knowing more about the programme, please feel free to email



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